LdrDat2Dxf 1.0

Simple conversion tool to produce Autocat DXF files out of your LDR Lego models
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LdrDat2Dxf is a file conversion tool that transforms your Lego LDraw files into DXF exchange files, so that you can open them in more than forty top-notch applications, including Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Microsoft Word and, of course, AutoCAD. The conversion process itself is fast and easy to configure, and allows for batch processing.

Despite being used to represent three-dimensional Lego bricks and other pieces, LDraw (or LDR) files are nothing but plain text files that contain the exact dimensions of the Lego bricks used and the coordinates required to render a Lego design in 3D. LdrDat2Dxf can interpret this text-based data and transform it into similar ASCII-based DXF (Drawing eXchange Fromat) files, which you can then open using any of the most widely used graphical editors.

The conversion process does not require any specific skills on the user side, though some basic knowledge of CAD-based designs will help you make the right choices. Thus, the settings available will allow you to remove all “bowties”, to convert the lines when necessary, eliminate studs, use a layer to refer to line numbers, and a few more. The program’s main interface has been designed to perform one-at-a-time conversions, though batch processing is also possible using the corresponding dialog.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Batch conversion supported
  • Simplicity of use


  • Requires you to have LDraw installed in your system
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